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Christmas 2017

100th Anniversary
December 9-10, 2017
Gala Dinner

Our Lady of Guadalupe2017  

(Thank you to Bro. Lombardo)

Vocation Video in Spanish
Thanksgiving 2017
Parish Bingo Party
22nd Annual Brunch 2017


Parish Dinner Dance 2018

Farewell, Fr. Meena

Parish Appreciation Dinner

Easter Vigil 2018

Holy Thursday 2018
(Thanks, Pat R. for your help!)

St. Joseph Table


Fr. Martin's Installation


St. Francis Brunch

Welcome Fr. Martin!



Christmas at St. Francis 2014
Youth Christmas Concert 2014

(Thank you Fr. Nick!)
Parish Christmas Party
Beefsteak November 2014
Dinner Dance 2014
Parish Feast Days 2014
19th Annual Brunch 9-28-14
Family Picnic
Beefsteak Dinner
Corpus Christi Procession 2014
Pentecost-Festival of the Nations
Thank you to Lucy Stamilla for taking pictures
Confirmation 2014
Parish Appreciation Dinner 2014
Easter 2014
Pasta Night

St. Joseph's Table
Fish 'n Chips



Christmas at St. Francis 2015
Dinner Dance 2015
Parish Feast Days 2015
20th Annual Brunch
Pentecost Mass

Festival of the Nations
Confirmation 2015
Pasta Night 2015

Holy Thursday
Easter Vigil

St. Joseph Table

Fish 'n Chips 2015





Nativity 2016

Dinner Dance 2016
21st Annual Brunch
Confirmation 2016

Pasta Night
Passion Sunday, Holy Week and Easter 2016
Fish 'n Chips 2016



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Christmas Family Mass 2011
Christmas Decorations 2011
Dinner Dance 12-4-11
St. Francis Feast 10-4-11
Clare and Francis movie 9-28-11
Annual Brunch 9-25-11
FOCUS Youth visit St. Francis Fraternity 5-25-11
Mother's Day 5-8-11
St. Joseph Table 3-18-11
Pizza Night 3-4-11
Parish Beefsteak 1-29-11


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St. Joseph Table Prep 3-16-12
St. Joseph Table 3-17-12
Parish Appreciation Dinner

Fish 'n Chips 3-29-12
Holy Thursday 4-5-12
Good Friday 4-6-12
Easter Vigil 4-7-12
Fr. Pius's 65th 4-14-12
Confirmation 5-6-12
Farewell: Frs. Brian & Francisco

Corpus Christi 6-10-12
Installation Br. John 8-26-12
Bishop Meyer's 25th 9-22-12
Padre Pio 9-23-12
Brunch 9-30-12
Transitus 10-3-12
Feast Day 10-4-12
New Year Blessing 10-13-12

Pasta Night 10-25-12
Dinner Dance 12-2-12

Christmas Decorations 12-23-12

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St. Francis at Christmas 2013
Parish Christmas Party 12-15-2013
Dinner Dance  10-27-13

Parish Feast Days 2013
Brunch 2013

Stigmata Province 100th Anniversary
Confirmation May 26, 2013
Valentines Dance 2-16-13
Fish 'n Chips 2-21-13
St.Joseph Table 2013
Holy Thursday 2013
Good Friday 2013
Easter Vigil 2013
Pentecost 2013
Festival of the Nations


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15th Annual Brunch '10
Parish Feast Days '10
 International Food Festival '10
Socialites: Pasta Night 2010

 FOCUS Youth Ministry
Religious Ed Celebrations

Christmas Decorations 2010

Canasta Navideña 2010

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Thank you to Rosy Miralles for helping to take pictures at the dinner!
Dinner Dance 2010

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Socialites: Beefsteak Dinner 2010
St. Joseph's Table 2010
Easter Altar 2010

Valentine's Day 2010
Mothers Day 2010
Fathers Day 2010

A New Priest!
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Fr. Francisco's Ordination 5-15-10

First Mass in Spanish 5-16-10
Thank you to Lucy Stamilla and
Rosy Miralles for these pictures

First Mass in English 5-23-10

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Dinner Dance 2009-Part 1

Dinner Dance 2009-Part 2

Thank you to Rosy Miralles for the
"part 2" pictures

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 Decorating for Christmas 09 
Canasta Navideña 2009

San Valentín 2009
St. Joseph's Table 2009
Holy Thursday 2009
Good Friday 09

Easter Vigil 09
Divina Misericordia 09
Día de las Madres 09
Día del Padre

14th Annual Brunch '09
International Food Festival '09
Ministros y Lectores
Rock ov Ages Oldies Dance '09
Día del Padre 2008
Flea Market-June 2008
Dia de las Madres 2008
Comunidad Hispana: San Valentín
St. Joseph's Table 2008
Easter Time 2008
Socialites: Beefsteak Dinner

St. Francis Dinner Dance 2008
Christmas at St. Francis

Canasta Navideña 2008

13th Annual Brunch
Festival Internacional 2008

Novena Navideña 2007
Flea Market-November 2007
 Flea Market-1 July 2007
Flea Market-2 August 2007
Santuario de la Divina Misericordia 8-07

Christmas 2007 Family Mass
90th Anniversary Dinner-2007
Festival Internacional 2007
Pasta Night 2007
Fr. Pius Celebrates his 60th Anniversary
Slides of Mass
& Reception
St. Francis Twelfth Annual Brunch 2007
St. Padre Pio Procession and Mass 2007
St. Padre Pio-2

Youth Ministry and Religious Ed
Confirmation 2007 & Candidates' Retreat
May Crowning
Gather in My Name
Make Your Mark
Reel Youth Film Festival
The Way of the Cross
Religious Ed and RCIA

Comunidad hispana: San Valentín
Fish 'n Chips 2007
Socialites: Beefsteak Dinner 2007
St. Joseph's Table 2007

Santuario de la Divina Misericordia
Parish Auction '07

Easter Time 2007
New Lighting at St. Francis

Easter Vigil
Outdoor Stations

Youth Ministry
Youth Activities
All Saints Day
Advent Wreath Blessing
Christmas Play 2006

Ministries Day 2006
Pasta Night 2006
Festival Internacional 2006
St. Francis Fraternity Brunch 2006

Festejando Halloween
Youth Ministry: Living Rosary

Christmas 2006

Dinner Dance 2006

St. Joseph Table 2006
Comunidad hispana: San Valentín

Día de las madres


 Easter Time 2006
Penitential Soup Supper
Holy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Decorations
Easter Vigil

Youth Ministry
May Crowning
First Communion

Vacation Bible School
Christmas Play
Outdoor Way of the Cross

St. Joseph’s Table 2005
Youth Group: Live Stations of the Cross
Holy Thursday 2005

Easter Decorations 2005
Easter Vigil 2005

Parish Auction '05
Pasta Night '05
Parish Feast Days '05
Festejando Halloween '05
Comida internacional '05

Anniversary Honorees

Enjoying our Evening
Christmas at
St. Francis 2005

Comida internacional
Festejando Halloween

Christmas Book Party
Set-up for Auction 2004
Auction 2004

Look Who Came to Dinner
Fr. Pat

Christmas Decorations 2004
Midnight Mass 2004
Our New Outdoor Nativity

St. Joseph's Table 2004
Christmas Book Committee: Hard at Work!
May Crowning 2004

Holy Thursday 2004
Good Friday 2004
Decorating for Easter 2004
Easter Vigil 2004

St. Francis Fraternity Brunch '04
Padre Pio Procession '04
Pasta Night 2004


Decorating for Easter 2003

Eighth Annual Brunch
October 3-4, 2003
Secular Franciscan Elections
Hispanic Food Festival '03
Pasta Night 2003

 Auction '03
Dinner Dance '03
Christmas Decorations '03
New Statue of St. Francis


Socialites Christmas Party
Meet the Youth Choir
Youth Choir Christmas Concert

Setting Up Our Nativity #1
Setting Up Our Nativity #2
Getting Ready
Look at Those Poinsettias!
Spotlight on the Tabernacle

Music to Glorify God
Midnight Mass
Midnight Mass
Midnight Mass
Our Christmas Card to You

Thanksgiving Mass 2002
We Gather Together...

Dinner Dance 2002 #1
Dinner Dance 2002 #2
Dinner Dance 2002 #3
Dinner Dance 2002 #4

Dinner Dance 2002 #5
Dinner Dance 2002 #6
Dinner Dance 2002 #7
Dinner Dance 2002 #8

Auction 2001
Card Party 2001
Ministries 2002
Dinner Dance Preparations
Dinner Dance Page 1
Dinner Dance Page 2
Dinner Dance Page 3
Coffee Hours

Do You Remember...?
Do You Remember 2...?

Seventh Annual Brunch #1 2002
Seventh Annual Brunch #2 2002
Seventh Annual Brunch #3 2002
Seventh Annual Brunch #4 2002
Seventh Annual Brunch #5 2002

Feast of St. Francis Mass 2002

Socialites Pasta Night #1
Pasta Night #2
Pasta Night #3

Coffee Hour 2002

Auction 2002 #1
Auction 2002 #2
Auction 2002 #3
Auction 2002 #4
Auction 2002 #5


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