St. Francis 90th Anniversary Celebration December 2, 2007
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Thank you to Rosy Miralles for helping to take these pictures.
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dinner_07_11001 dinner_07_11001a dinner_07_11002 dinner_07_11002b
dinner_07_11003 dinner_07_11003c dinner_07_11004 dinner_07_11004d
dinner_07_11005 dinner_07_11005e dinner_07_11006 dinner_07_11006f
dinner_07_11007 dinner_07_11007g dinner_07_11008 dinner_07_11008h
dinner_07_11009 dinner_07_11009i dinner_07_11010 dinner_07_11010j
dinner_07_11011 dinner_07_11011k dinner_07_11012 dinner_07_11012l
dinner_07_11013 dinner_07_11013m dinner_07_11014 dinner_07_11014n
dinner_07_11015 dinner_07_11015o dinner_07_11016 dinner_07_11016p