FRATERNITY MEETING:    Thursday, December11, 2003


This month is our fraternity Christmas party. Since refreshments will be served, be sure to call Joe Sortino to let him know if you will be there.

This year, instead of gifts for the nursing homes, we will make up Christmas gift bags for the homeless.

You may contribute a whole bag of items by placing them in a Christmas shopping bag. OR you may contribute any of the items listed below to be included in the bags we will make up. Please bring the items with you to this month's meeting!)

White socks, scarf, knit hat, gloves, non-disposable razor, shaving cream, toothpaste and tooth brush.


Maria Amato and family; Annarumma family; Karen Ferrari and family; Marion Hartmann; Connie Ricci; Marie Sortino; Josie Tauriello; and the Licameli family.

Special intentions: Frank Cavallo, Diane Menditto, Marie Sortino, and the Tumminia Family.

Family Members: Henry Ferrari; Ed McManus, Chris Terrafranca, Piedad Pazmino, Joe Berrillo, Wilber Hartmann, Candida Cotto; Josefa DeJesús; Gladys Mitchell; Terry Gavin. Catherine Buckley; Manuel Crespo, Sr. and Manuel Crespo, Jr. and Christopher Wojcicki.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Will be available at the meeting.

STATUE OF OUR LADY: December: Marguerite Cox.

Please sign up to take Our Lady home. Give your name to Diane at this month's meeting. The year 2004 is completely open.


Thank you to Holy Name Fraternity, Little Falls for the Mass Card for Rose Atwood. We also received a beautiful note from Fr. Sylvester noting that he would pray for Rose and for all the deceased of our Fraternity.

BIRTHDAYS: December 24th: Connie Ricci; 25th: Fay Sanzari. January 7th: Lucy Stamilla; 18th: Maria Amato; 20th: Emma Barranco; 27th: Ed Atwood. (IF WE HAVE NOT LISTED YOUR BIRTHDAY, PLEASE GIVE THE DATE TO DIANE. WE ARE MISSING A FEW!

APOSTOLATE OF PRAYER: Please pray for those on the Apostolate of Prayer List and for their intentions.
We now have a separate list for those in the Military. View List
Please submit any names, with rank, of military personnel for prayers.


ADVENT: A SEASON OF PREPARATION from Passionist Publications.

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