Special Apostolate of Prayer

Please pray for the young men and women who are serving our country in the Military. We especially remember those who are or will soon be risking their lives for our well-being. We also ask that God protect our nation and keep us free from harm.

Please remember the following in your prayers:

  • MSSA Brett J. Adams
  • Neal Auricchio
  • Major Buck Bennett
  • Sgt. Brian Burke
  • LCPL De Sucre Pino, Josť Francisco
  • Steven Donaldson
  • Families of Military Personnel
  • Sergeant Michael Gagnon
  • Heather Hand USN (fourth tour)
  • Iisha
  • Andy Jaquez
  • Matthew
  • PFC Joseph Marvil, USMC
  • CPL Justin C. Miller, USMC
  • Lcpl Drew Munier & Family
  • 2nd Lt. David Nash
  • Peace!
  • CPL James Ritter, USMC
  • Major Thomas Schymanski
  • SPC Joshua C. Silver
  • CPL Christopher Sime, USMC
  • Colonel Ted Spain
  • Alberto Suarez
  • CPL Matthew P. Tavomina, USMC
  • Major Stephen Viati
  • Sgt. Walter
  • Kyle Williams
  • 1st Lt. Wojcik
  • Lt. Col. Stephen Ziadie

Those listed below are heroes and heroines who have given their lives during the war in Iraq.
  • +SPC Todd Bates 135th MP Co.
  • +SGT Aubrey Bell 214th MP Co.
  • +SSG Joseph Bellavia 194th MP Co.
  • +PFC Rachel Bosveld 527th MP Co.
  • +SGT Travis Burkhardt 170th MP Co.
  • +SSG Bobby Franklin 210th MP Co.
  • +CPL Sean Grilley 194th MP Co.
  • +SPC Eric Hull 307th MP Co.
  • +LTC Kim Orlando HHD, 716th MP Bn.
  • +SSG Aaron Reese 135th MP Co.
  • +PFC Charles Sims 549th MP Co
  • +SPC Narson Sullivan 411th MP Co.
  • +SGT Nicholas Tomko 307th MP Co.

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