My SFO Commitment Checklist

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Profession is by its nature a permanent and perpetual commitment. At the moment of profession, we are linked and bound to the Order. We become part of a specific Fraternity; our life acquires meaning within the Fraternity; we serve our brothers and sisters. Profession is the basis of opening our hearts, taking on activities and service to the advantage of the Order, of society and of the Church. To be professed means assuming a continual pledge of evangelical conversion. The perpetually professed, according to their capability and possibility and in the light of the interests of the Order, cannot be exempt, except for serious motives, from accepting the positions or functions asked of them at any level in the Fraternity whenever requested. (Paraphrased from


Please check off all that apply to you. This is a personal check list and will not be shared.

You are not required to do everything!

Fraternity Activities


____Attend gatherings regularly each month

       (Call in to be excused for a good reason)

____Help set up before the meeting

____Help clean up after the meeting

____Volunteer to give a talk at the meeting for

        continuing formation

____Lead a continuing formation group

____Volunteer for Closing Prayer

____Pray each day for those on the Apostolate

        of Prayer list

____Donation to homeless (Hats, gloves, scarves

        and socks--November through the winter)

____Donation to the Southwest Missions (June

         and July)

____Baby Shower for Birthright 

____Brunch (attend/sell tickets)

____Brunch (help set up and/or clean up)

____Keep in touch with excused members

        through visits, cards or phone calls

____Willing to run for and/or hold an office in

        the fraternity

____Attend Fraternity-sponsored Holy Hour on

        Holy Thursday

 ____Invite a friend to attend a gathering

         (Possible vocation)



Attend Cluster meetings at least once a

        year (Meetings held four times a year.)

____Attend Region Workshops and/or Region


____Candidates’ Retreat (If you are in formation)

____Attend Convivenza

____Attend Region Picnic


____Transitus Service (At St. Francis or
         inviting parish)

____Feast Day Celebrations


Spiritual and Franciscan Life


_____Pray a form of Liturgical prayer each

          day (i.e. the Liturgy of the Hours  or Office

          of the Passion or Little Office of the Blessed

         Mother or 12 Our Fathers)

_____Attend Mass regularly: Sundays, Holy

          Days and as often as possible daily

_____Daily examination of conscience (We have  

          committed ourselves to daily conversion.)

_____Read and meditate on Sacred Scripture

     “Go from Gospel to life and life to the Gospel”

_____Read and meditate on our Rule of Life

_____Read the Constitutions of our order

_____Make a yearly retreat or at least a Day of



While other devotions and prayers, especially the Rosary, are certainly a part of our daily prayer lives, we should not use them as a replacement for the practices listed above!




____Set priorities

(As a lay-person I remember that Family is first, then my job, then my Franciscan family (local fraternity, cluster and Region, National and International fraternities) and then all other activities.)


____Set a good example in family life and work



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June 27, 2009