Apostolate of Prayer September, 2002

Please remember the following in your prayers:

  • Aaron James (1 yr. old)
  • Adamo Family
  • Amato Family
  • Garcia Alston
  • +9/11 Cristopher Amoroso
  • Rose Atwood
  • Rose Arrabito
  • Emma Barranco
  • Dr. Lawrence Bodenstein
  • +Kathy Carucci
  • Deacon Art Cauceglia
  • Fran and Frank Chamberlain
  • Calabrese and Colicchio Families
  • Fr. Damian Colicchio
  • +Millie Colicchio
  • Meredith Coralluzzo
  • Bev Curtis
  • May D'Arminio
  • Jason D'Elia/Ginny D'Elia
  • John DeVincentis
  • +Joseph DiMartino
  • Lavinia Errico
  • Sal Ferrara
  • Nella Ferrari and Ferrari Family
  • Frank (6 yrs. old)
  • Ganek Family intentions
  • Nancy Garfole
  • Jaime and André Graziano
  • Natalia and Pablo Guerrero
  • Marion Hartmann
  • Doris Hersey
  • Donovan Howes
  • Teresa Jordan and Family
  • J. Kelly and Family
  • Jim and Gerry Keyes
  • Ana Kristof
  • Felicidad Mandac
  • Betty Manning
  • Mary Mantineo
  • Misty Mantineo (special intention)
  • Terry McCarthy
  • Loretta Mullin
  • Baby Nicole
  • +Pablo (10 yrs. old)
  • Uvinas Family
  • Pablo's nurses at HUMC
  • Paul Polifronio
  • John Pinto, Sr.
  • Lydia Pomales and Family
  • Bob Roszko
  • +Sal Santora
  • Jean Sauchelli
  • Shapiro Family
  • Marie Sortino (special intention)
  • Frank Speziale
  • Morgan Spina
  • Spina Family
  • Chris Terrafranca
  • Family of Ramona Torres
  • Steven Vargas
  • Children at Tomorrows Children
    (Hackensack University Medical Center)

Intentions of the Holy Father for September

General: (Strong and wise educators in faith: a blessing for children and youth.) For children and youth in Catholic schools, that in course of their training they may encounter strong and wise educators who will help them to grow in their religious faith and their healthy attitudes to life.

Missionary: (Reconciliation of the Korean people.) That the Holy Spirit, through the contribution of the Church and ecclesial Communities, may help the two States of the Korean Peninsula to rediscover the deep reasons for their reconciliation.

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