FRATERNITY MEETING:  Thursday, November 11, 2004

Candidates meet in Church Hall for Formation at 7 PM

Professed members meet in the CHURCH HALL AT 7:30 PM
 Continuing Formation will be followed by MASS AT 8 PM.

Marguerite Cox & Mimma LoMuscio

HEALTH AND WELFARE: Maria Amato; Annarumma family; Karen Ferrari and family; Marion Hartmann; Connie Ricci; Josie Tauriello; Mary Berrillo and the Licameli family, and
Fr. Paschal.                            

Special intentions:
Frank Cavallo, Diane Menditto, Marie Sortino, & Tumminia Family.           

Family Members: Nicolo Amato; Mary Auricchio; Ed McManus, Chris TerrafrancPiedad Pazmino; Candida Cotto; Josefa DeJesús; Gladys Mitchell; Terry Gavin; George Loughran; Coralluzzo Family;  Madeline Wojcicki, & Christopher Wojcicki, Maria Abrahamsen

Repose of the Soul of: Helen Hand, Bill Hayes and Louis Tiesi.

Treasurer's Report

          $ 798.42    BalanceForward
          +  35.00    Income (Incl. brunch)
          $ 833.42    
-155.85   Expenses
          $ 677.57   Closing Balance

   Food Pantry
   $ 157.00    Balance Forward 
   $ 181.00    Closing Balance

(Last month we made a $150 donation to the Center for Food Action--Bergen County.)


STATUE OF OUR LADY:   November-Trudy Gassenheimer; December-Ramona Torres; January ‘05-Angelo Pinto; February-Frank Cavallo;
March-Migdania Polanco; April-Karen Ferrari;  May-Lucy Stamilla; June-Open; July-Open; August-Anna Licamelli
September-Harry Henky;  October-Natale and Joanne Tumminia.

CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED FROM:  Regional Fraternity: Geraldine Armstrong--our deceased members will be remembered at the
Chapter of Ministers in November. Also from our Region Minister Marcia Stamboulian regarding the Chapter of Ministers,
Yahoo Groups and workshops which will be held in January. (See below)
Rosemary LoCascio sends her best wishes to the fraternity.
We received a thank you from the Center for Food Action for our recent contribution to help needy families.
Fr. Sylvester tells us tht he remembers us in his prayers and sends wishes and prayers to the October birthday people. Father sent
some interesting reading material. It will be available at this month's meeting.

BIRTHDAYS: November 5: Frank Cavallo and Joe Coralluzzo;  6: Rosemary LoCascio; 17: Joseph Sortino; 18: Trudy Gassenheimer.
December 23: Migdania Polanco; 24: Connie Ricci; 25: Fay Sanzari; 29: Joanne Tumminia.

Apostolate of Prayer:

Please pray for those on the Prayer List and for their intentions. You may submit intentions at any time to Diane by phone or by e-mail.

Items for gift bags for the homeless: you may start bringing in items this month!
Hats, gloves, scarves, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, hand soap, shaving cream.
We will start this month and continue throughout the winter.

Mark Your Calendar!

    • We will host the cluster meeting here at St. Francis on Saturday, December 4, 2004.
    • We would like our members to be present to attend the meeting and to help out with coffee and clean up.
    • Saturday, January 22, 2005 at Holy Angels Church in Little Falls  9:15 AM until 3 PM
    • There will be presentations on Family and Youth, Work, Ecology, Peace and Justice and Formation
    • We would like members to plan to attend in order to learn more about the various commissions.

READ ABOUT:  Commitment: Part 2

In last month's Cord I wrote to you about commitment to our SFO way of fraternity life. Once again I want to remind
you of the importance of attending the fraternity gatherings and other activities associated with fraternity life.

Our fraternity sponsors or participates as a group in many activities throughout the year. I urge you most strongly
to read the list of our activities (click here for the check list!)  and check off those in which you have participated. This will provide
you with a visual representation of your commitment to the SFO way of life. Please remember that if you are homebound
or permanently excused, your responsibility is to be with us in prayer. If you have family or work commitments, you
should let the Council know when you cannot participate.  (Even though family and work may take us away from the
fraternity some of the time, we should try to plan ahead to participate in as many activities as possible.)

Since our Continuing Formation this month will be on the Bible, click here to read an interesting article on LECTIO DIVINA from the national

newsletter the TAU.