FRATERNITY MEETING:  Thursday, February 10, 2005

Candidates meet in Church Hall for Formation at 7 PM

Professed members meet in the CHURCH HALL AT 7:30 PM
  for continuing formation.
   Sweet Reminders: Karen Ferrari and Teresa Iozzia

Please remember that we will continue our efforts to provide for the homeless throughout the winter: Hats, gloves, scarves, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, hand soap and shaving cream.

          **Please note that 2005 Per-capita is now $20 per person.**      

HEALTH AND WELFARE: Maria Amato; Annarumma family; Karen Ferrari and family; Marion Hartmann; Connie Ricci; Josie Tauriello; Fay Sanzari; Mary Berrillo and the Licameli family

Special intentions:
Frank Cavallo, Diane Menditto, Marie Sortino, & Tumminia Family.           

Family Members: Nicolo Amato; Mary Auricchio; Ed McManus, Gary Menditto; Chris Terrafranca  Piedad Pazmino; Candida Cotto; Josefa DeJesús; Gladys Mitchell; Terry Gavin; George Loughran; Coralluzzo Family;  Madeline Wojcicki, & Christopher Wojcicki

Treasurer's Report

          $ 558.87    BalanceForward
          +  57.00    Income
          $ 615.87   
            -104.00   Expenses
          $ 511.87   Closing Balance

   Food Pantry
   $  90.00    Balance Forward 
   $ 114.00
      +65.00   For Tsunami
     -130.00   Tsunami Donation
    $  49.00   Balance



STATUE OF OUR LADY:  February-Frank Cavallo; March-Migdania Polanco; April-Karen Ferrari;  May-Lucy Stamilla;

June-Carmina Annarumma; July-Open; August-Anna Licamelli; September-Harry Henky; October-Natale and Joanne Tumminia.


CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED FROM: Fr. Sylvester informing us of the death of his brother John Catallo.


BIRTHDAYS:  February 4: Vera Iannucci; 6: Marion Hartmann; 24: Karen Ferrari. March 3: Alejandro Polanco; 7: Amelia Barteluce; 9: Natale Tumminia;

12: Iris Campillo; 19: Marie Sortino; 31: Josephine Gebbia.


Apostolate of Prayer: Please pray for those on the Prayer List and for their intentions. You may submit intentions at any time to Diane by phone or by e-mail.


Mark Your Calendar:
May 14th: Convivenza in Little Falls

            July 30th: Region Picnic in Ringwood


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