My SFO Commitment Checklist


Check off the activities in which you have participated this year. For future activities, mark those which you will make a commitment to attend. (You may print this page out so that you can write on it.)


Fraternity Activities


____Attend meetings regularly each month (Call in to be excused for a good reason)

____Help set up before the meeting

____Help clean up after the meeting

____Volunteer to give a talk at the meeting for continuing formation

____Caller for the prayer chain (good activity for permanently excused members)

____Member of the prayer chain (good activity for permanently excused members)

____Donations to homeless (winter gift bags starting at November meeting and throughout the winter)


____Brunch—September 26, 2004 (attended)

____Brunch (help set up and/or clean up)


____Day of Recollection—October 2, 2004 (attended)

____Transitus Service

____Feast Day Mass—October 4, 2004


____Coffee Hour—October 31, 2004 (attended)

____Coffee Hour (helped out)


____Fraternity sponsored Holy Hour--Holy Thursday—2005


____Baby Shower for Birthright



____Attend Cluster meetings at least once. (Meetings held four times a year.)

____Region Workshop—January 22, 2005


Spiritual Life activities like attending Mass (Sundays and daily), praying the Office, and other general prayers and devotions, reading and meditating on the Bible and other spiritual reading are certainly part of our commitment as Catholics and Secular Franciscans. The above checklist is for you to take a look at your Fraternity Life. There are lots of opportunities for you to be involved. How are you doing???


Please feel free to make suggestions for other possible activities!