St. Francis 90th Anniversary Celebration December 2, 2007
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dinner_07_11077 dinner_07_11078 dinner_07_11079 dinner_07_11080
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dinner_07_11085 dinner_07_11086 dinner_07_11087 dinner_07_11088
dinner_07_11089 dinner_07_11090 dinner_07_11091 dinner_07_11092
dinner_07_11093 dinner_07_11094 dinner_07_11095 dinner_07_11096
dinner_07_11097 dinner_07_11098 dinner_07_11099 dinner_07_11100
dinner_07_11101 dinner_07_11102 dinner_07_11103 dinner_07_11104
dinner_07_11105 dinner_07_11106 dinner_07_11107 dinner_07_11108