FRATERNITY GATHERING: Thursday, November 10, 2005

CANDIDATES meet in Church Hall for Formation at 7 PM

PROFESSED MEMBERS meet in church hall promptly at 7:30 for continuing formation.
Please read and think about The Canticle of the Creatures (Click here).

We will pray Evening Prayer together at 8 PM

There are still 11 professed members who have not paid their Per-capita for the year. Please check with Marguerite to be sure that you have paid. We must send our Per-capita to the Region.

   SWEET REMINDERS: Frank Cavallo and Lucy Stamilla

HEALTH AND WELFARE:  Annarumma family; Karen Ferrari and family; Marion Hartmann; Connie Ricci; Fay Sanzari; Mary Berrillo, the  Licameli family; Iris Campillo, Rosa Morales; Christine Terrafranca, Joseph Sortino and Ramona Torres.

Special Intentions: Frank Cavallo, Diane Menditto, Marie Sortino, & Tumminia Family and Trudy Gassenheimer.           

Family Members Ed McManus, Piedad Pazmino; Candida Cotto; Josefa DeJesús; Gladys Mitchell; Terry Gavin; George Loughran; Joan Loughran; Gene Foschino; John & Kathleen Buckley; Dolores Capp; Judy Nichols; Jim Philips; Eddie Nash;  Grace Hayes.

Treasurer's Report

          $ 652.87   Balance Forward
          + 505.00   Income (Includes Brunch)
           -  332.00  Expenses (Includes Katrina,
          $  825.87   Ad journal, Feast Day

   Food Pantry
   $159.00    Balance Forward 

STATUE OF OUR LADY:   November-Frank Cavallo; December-Mimma LoMuscio; January-Assunta Giangrande; February-Frank Cavallo; March-Natale and Joanne Tumminia; April-OPEN; May-Deacon Alejandro and Migdania Polanco.


CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED FROM: Rosemary LoCascio, Jean Kohler and Fr. Damian who all thanked us for our prayers and for the Feast Day card.


BIRTHDAYS: November 5: Frank Cavallo & J. Coralluzzo; 6: Rosemary LoCascio; 17: Joseph Sortino; 18: Trudy Gassenheimer. December 23: Migdania Polanco; 24: Connie Ricci; 25: Fay Sanzari;
: Joanne Tumminia


Apostolate of Prayer: Please pray for those on the Prayer List and for their intentions. You may submit intentions at any time to Diane by phone or by e-mail.


This month begins our Winter Project for the Homeless. Please bring warm hats, scarves, gloves and socks to this month's meeting and to each

meeting until March if you are able.



  • November 19: Region Elections--Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide those who are voting.

  • December 3: Our Fraternity will host the North Jersey Cluster here in Hackensack

READ ABOUT: The Canticle of the Creatures

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