FRATERNITY MEETING:  Thursday, January 8, 2004


Meet in the Church for Mass at 7:30 PM


Fr. Damian Colicchio will be joining us this month

He will celebrate Mass for us and speak about Commitment.


We will be welcoming FIVE potential candidates at our meeting:

       Domenica LoMuscio, Angelo Pinto; Deacon Alejandro Polanco,  

       Migdania Polanco and Migdania Mejía.


We pray that our Lord will keep them strong in their vocation and that St. Francis will inspire

us to be a good example to them!


                            SWEET REMINDERS: Frank Cavallo and Joe Coralluzzo


HEALTH AND WELFARE: Maria Amato and family; Annarumma family; Karen Ferrari and family;

Marion Hartmann; Connie Ricci; Josie Tauriello; Rosa Morales; Mary Berrillo and the Licameli family.

Repose of the Soul of: Joseph Buonomo


Special intentions: Frank Cavallo, Diane Menditto, Marie Sortino, & Tumminia Fam.


          Family Members: Henry Ferrari; Ed McManus, Chris Terrafranca, Piedad Pazmino, 

              Wilber Hartmann, and Candida Cotto; Josefa DeJesús; Gladys Mitchell; Terry Gavin. Manuel Crespo, Sr. and

              Manuel Crespo, Jr., Grace Hayes, George Loughran and Madeline Wojcicki.


                               TREASURER’S REPORT: Available at the meeting


 STATUE OF OUR LADY:  January—Angelo Pinto; February—Frank Cavallo; March—Migdania Polanco; April—Karen

Ferrari; May—Lucy Stamilla; June—open; July—open; August—Anna Licamelli; September—Harry Henky; October

Natale Tumminia; November—open; December—open.


CORRESPONDENCE:  Thank you from the family of Joe Buonomo for the Mass card; notes from Marion Hartmann and

Jean Kohler thanking us for our prayers; a note from Fr. Sylvester thanking us for the Cord. Thank you from Bro. Shawn

of St. Anthony’s shelter for the Christmas “goodie bags”. They were a tremendous success! Also, thank you from Ms. Riley of

the Hackensack Drop-in Center for our donation of hats, gloves and scarves to her group.


We received Christmas cards from the following members and permanently excused members (special thanks to those who

included a Christmas donation for the fraternity and the food pantry): Amelia Barteluce, Fr. Brian, Elena Cilli, Josephine

Gebbia, Jean Kohler, Toni Losquadro, Rosa Morales and Mary Wojcicki.


BIRTHDAYS:  January 7: Lucy Stamilla; 18th: Maria Amato; 20th: Emma Barranco; 27th: Ed Atwood.

February 4: Vera Iannucci; 6th: Marion Hartmann; 24th: Karen Ferrari.



                        APOSTOLATE OF PRAYER:  Please pray for those on the attached list and for their intentions. You may submit intentions at any time to

Diane Menditto by phone or by e-mail.  This month’s Apostolate of Prayer List


                          Would you be so generous as to bring a loaf of Italian bread to the meeting this month? It will be donated to the food program at St. Anthony’s shelter in New York City where Joe Coralluzzo works preparing meals for those in need. Thank you!


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